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Hospice Care and Telephone Triage

Hospice Care and Telephone Triage

Hospice Care and Telephone Triage

When you or a loved one is terminally ill and receiving hospice care, regular visits from your doctor aren’t always feasible or necessary. That’s where on-call Hospice Care and Telephone Triage services can help. You can call them at any time to have your symptoms assessed and receive advice from a medical professional.

We help relieve the stress of dealing with serious illness when you need it most by taking your medical calls before they become major problems and need emergency room treatment or an ambulance ride to the hospital.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is focused on quality of life, not on quantity. It’s holistic, addressing patients’ physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. At its core are nurses who provide end-of-life care through telephone triage.

These nurses help families and hospice staff support terminally ill patients until their deaths; for those patients with family members in multiple states or countries, these nurses might be able to facilitate virtual visits via video conferencing equipment.

The same technology can make it easier for families that aren’t able to visit in person but still want a sense of presence with their loved ones.

Advantages of On-Call Triage Nurses

Because hospice nurses may be on-call 24 hours a day, this can put a significant strain on family members who must take over caring for patients when hospice nurses are unavailable. For example, many hospices rely on volunteers to provide additional assistance with daily care tasks like medication management, bathing, or dressing. These tasks may seem simple in comparison to nursing work but can actually place extra stress on family members in an already stressful situation. While these volunteers do an excellent job of helping out during evenings or weekends, they aren’t always available around the clock.

That’s where TelemedRN’s on-call nurses step in who are always available to take calls to address issues and get patients the help they need when they need it. Our on-call telephone triage nurses also help with everyday health problems and provide better follow-up than other home care options because they are available 24/7.

Your TelemedRN Team will be available on call 24/7 and licensed in your state. With years of experience working in hospice environments and home health situations, your nurses will be able to take on critical challenges that can save a life, time and hundreds of thousands in unnecessary hospital expenses.

Hospice care is a vital part of medical care for patients who have limited life expectancy. The primary benefit of hospice care and on-call nurse telephone triage services is to offer end-of-life comfort. For families who live far away from loved ones, these services can be especially beneficial, allowing them to monitor an ill family member’s condition while being able to attend school or work. Though nurses are able to give advice via phone only, they can provide comfort and support by reassuring families that help is available if needed.