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Hospice & Home Health

Affordable On-Call After-Hours Nurse Telephone Triage Answering Service

We specialize in Hospice, Palliative Care, Home Health & Medical Groups

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Hospice care providers everywhere rely on our medical answering service to manage urgent patient calls after hours with a friendly, nurse-first approach. We use the latest technology and have an extensive library of clinical processes, customizable as needed by your team.

Improve continuity of care for your patients, reduce nurse turnover, and increase your bottom line.

Medical Groups

More than ever medical groups across the US are facing new COVID-19 related challenges, limited resources, all with an overwhelmed staff. While demand for quality patient care increases, medical clinics and specialized groups struggle to provide their patients all the support they need.

TelemedRN provides a scalable, affordable way, to manage patient care workload through telemedicine.

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Palliative Care

Palliative care providers often find themselves overwhelmed with calls and questions. With such challenging healthcare situations, even the smallest change in condition can be a cause of alarm. The emotional toll on your nurses and the financial cost of managing this level of care 24/7 can be excessive.

TelemedRN provides your patients and families access to telemedicine nurses quickly and effectively – ensuring emergency situations are quickly separated from false alarms.

Home Health

TelemedRN helps home health organizations manage their patient load without excessive cost or compromise on the quality of your patient care.

Our quality home health nurse telephone triage service relieves your regular nurses from stressful after-hours calls and visits.

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